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Use Your Brain, Not Your Trigger Finger!

Rich Diamond

Core Concepts, Incorporated

Your quest will take months as you successfully wind your way through elaborate mazes, monsters and other clever devices designed to prevent you from your goal. The three E's: entertaining, enjoyable, and educational, Rich Diamond has it all.

pops monsters wits rich diamond cunning puzzle game

Platform/adventure/RPG with involving story.

Mr. Robot

Moonpod Ltd.

Mr. Robot is a 3D action-puzzle-adventure-rpg. Inspired by classic filmation games such as Knight Lore and Alien8 and mixed with''Ghost Hack'' - an abstract RPG in which the player hacks into computer terminals and battles defensive computer programs

action puzzle robot friends human colonists hostile networks alien8 hard disk space

Epic ball rolling puzzle adventure.

Chromentum 2

Alpha72 Games

Help Goldy and Sweety, two little Chromates, to restore thier world to paradise by moving and shooting Chromates onto the circles. Over 700 handcrafted levels, 16 Chromates types and a full level editor make for one epic puzzle adventure.

optimal solution handcrafted goldy puzzle adventure slides ramps

Fun puzzle adventures of NormanBerry...


Star Wraith 3D Games

A poor little piece of fruit named Norman has lost his way in a world of hostile puzzles out for his destruction. His only hope is your guidance as you help direct him through the various levels to find his way to safety.

destruction puzzle game players guidance journey tile types problem solving

Guide the cute professor in treacherous quest

Lost Idols - Puzzle Crusade

Suricate Software

Guide the cute professor in treacherous quest and recover the stolen Golden Idols. Think your way though progressively challenging levels as you encounter collapsing floors, slippery ice panels and guardian creatures to complete your quest.

mazes adventure game stolen idols nerves of steel bottomless pits lost idols

A magical puzzle adventure - break the curse!

Arcane Islands

Break the curse on the Kingdom and the Princess in this magical puzzle adventure! Seek the help of the powerful wizards of the Arcane Islands. But beware! You will have to find your way solving magical tests! Gather your magic and start your journey!

curse fate game modes journey wizards magic



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