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The goal of game  is to find all mushrooms.



The goal of 2Mushrooms is to find all mushrooms with maximum points. You points are decriased after any click on not discovered field. The game field is divided into cells. A cell can contain more than one mushroom.

cells left mouse button maximum points digit mushroom mushrooms

A challenging puzzle game for strategists.

BrickShooter for Palm


A uniquely challenging puzzle game for strategists of all levels from children to grand masters. BrickShooter is not just for people who can think and move fast. It's for anyone who enjoys solving puzzles and taking their own sweet time doing them.

palm sweet time brickshooter puzzles grand masters puzzle game

Cool addictive game with 3d vivid graphics

Arctic Rush

This new 3d colorful arcade game is rich in adventures, miseries, puzzles, bonuses and kind humor. Amazing 3d arctic scenery with polar bears makes this game pleasant and high number of bonuses increases its playability. Download, trial are free.

helicopters mysterious places fortunately high seas gain points emergency service

A fast paced reflex puzzle with 2-Player


Mousetrap Arcade

Do you have what it takes to master the Enigma-X? You''ve got 5 minutes to rack up as many points as you can. You''ve got to think fast and efficient to win. If you''re reall up for the challenge go head to head with another player using identical


80 Jigsaw Puzzles With Browser (Best of 2004)

Webetiser(tm) Puzzle - Best of 2004 Package

silvia eschen

This jigsaw puzzle package delivers the most downloaded Webetiser puzzles of 2004 in one package. This package combines 80 puzzles, using 16 images with 5 severities each. For your convenience it contains the brand new Webetiser Puzzle Browser.

combines maniac guru severity free computer convenience

This is a well done clone of boulder dash! Avian Boulders - Strong Mission

Vöing Software

This is a well done clone of the famous boulder dash and lomax boulders games! Runs under Windows 98/2000/ME/NT and XP wirh Direct X 3.0. More information can be found at

multiply deadly avalanche lomax boulders green slime diamonds robber

Sea Dreams is a ultimate logic game.

Sea Dreams

Akor software

Sea Dreams is a ultimate logic game for all ages. There are nice graphics and sounds of real ocean in the game. Relax and dream away. Try now!

natural sounds sounds of the ocean ocean beach imagination sea dreams relaxation

Zen Sudoku the ultimate sudoku puzzle game.

Zen Sudoku

Island Labs

Like sudoku? Try Zen Sudoku for the ultimate sudoku puzzle experience. Over 100,000 perfectly designed sudoku puzzles plus rich backgrounds, storyline, and music make Zen Sudoku the best sudoku game for your PC.

rich backgrounds sudoku puzzle game music zen puzzles

The mission is to destroy bridges on the way.

River Raid

Free version of well-known game. Your mission is to score as many points as possible by destroying enemy battleships, helicopters, fuel depots, jets, land tanks, hot air balloons and bridges before your fighter crashes or runs out of fuel.

land tanks planes helicopters 300 take a chance crashes

Shine is a puzzle game.



Shine is the game you all have been waiting for. It expand the gameplay of classical puzzle game. You aim is arranging a chains of gems by laser rays. Game has two modes: Quest and Strategy.

gems goal score difficulty aim modes strategy mode


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