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Software GRATUITO de Controle Financeiro

Habil Pessoal GRATUITO

Koinonia Software Ltda

Agenda de Contatos, Agenda de Compromissos, Controle de Contas Bancárias, Contas a Pagar e a Receber, Controle de Receitas e Despesas, Tarefas, Aniversariantes e muitos outros recursos... tudo voltado para o uso PESSOAL e totalmente GRÁTIS.

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Arcade game for punctuation and caps.

Punctuation Invaders

Curry K. Software

Practice punctuation and capitalization with this arcade grammar game. The student fires a laser to punctuate words while avoiding shots from the aliens. Punctuation exercises, popular in classrooms, are now available in computer game format!

computer game game format capitalization aliens grammar game sentence

Legend Of Jack O Lantern Halloween Wallpaper

Legend Of Jack-O-Lantern Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

The legend of Jack O Lantern looms over your screen. Download this wallpaper to view the ghastly pumpkins.

wallpaper jack o lantern pumpkins

EwebCache:view/ save IExplorer cache- free


Davor Zorc

An utility for browser cache browsing. When activated the software will make CACHE.HTM Web page. This page lists all http, gopher and ftp addresses of files which exist in local cache.

local directory htm web text string ftp addresses gopher internet explorer ver


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