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Mirror files between computers using TCP/IP


DLC Sistemas

TreeNetCopy is a tool that provides file mirroring between Windows NT/2000 boxes using TCP/IP. This utility is designed to replicate repository resources.

challenge response ip components ip connections mirror master slave nt 2000

Safe, secure and reliable email for Windows.

Courier Email

Rose City Software

An exciting and all-new update to the acclaimed Calypso® email program, a favorite of email users for years, Courier sets a new standard of excellence for Internet email clients. Safe, secure and reliable email for Windows, Courier delivers.

interface support optional password protection html mail internet email imap mailboxes standard of excellence

Easy-to-use Bar Code & Labeling Software.

My Tattoo ID

Integrated Software Design

My Tattoo ID contains useful labeling features for small business. Design professional labels with text, pictures, shapes & bar codes. Include constant data, serial numbers, date & time, dynamic data from text files or keyboard at print time .

tattoo id cymk labeling software cost effective solution wizards label stocks

The Replicator broadcasts files.


Canadian Mind Products

The Replicator lets you distribute large numbers of files to many people efficiently. The software automatically downloads just the changed files and deletes ones no longer part of the distribution.

configuration file lans large numbers configured spectrograph replicator

Delete or move files older than n days


Soft Experience

Suppress files older than n days in selected folders, move outdated files to archive folders using file creation, modification, last access date. You choose purge days,expired time by folder. Local application, network Windows service, command line

archive folders delete files immediatly archiving folder structure command line mode

XPlica is a simple replicate utility for SPS

XPlica for SharePoint Portal Server 2001

Vyapin Software Systems Pvt Ltd.,

XPlica is a simple utility to replicate workspace, folders from one SPS to another.

profiles microsoft sharepoint portal sharepoint portal server web storage system backward compatibility metadata

Move Data intelligently


IGS EDV-Systeme

IGS-Replicator is a solution for the exchange of data between databases. The working environment offers all the features of a powerful and easy-to-use solution to handle all of your data movement tasks.

database tables replicator launch data exchange technical aspects replication services

Makes Windows 2000 copy big files faster.

LowTek CopyFaster

LowTek Creations

CopyFaster is a utility that makes Windows 2000 Explorer copy big files faster when copying to and from the same hard drive. CopyFaster does this by causing less hard drive head seeking and by using uncached file access to prevent wasted cache usage.

performance graphs screen shots windows 2000 special promotions copy files

A powerful backup utility with disk image

Backup-2006 Studio

RD Technologies

Because one method is not enough Backup-2006 Studio includes classic backup module, synchronization and disk image. It can backup any folder to any destination (network drive, USB external disk..) It comes with its own DVD burner diver..

partition image synchronization backup sets bzip sql databases smaller pieces

Powerful chart component for Windows Forms.

Nevron Chart for Windows Forms

Nevron LLC

Add presentation quality 2D and 3D charts to your Windows Forms applications. Nevron Chart for .NET is a premiere quality native .NET component that can display sophisticated business, presentation and scientific charts.

winforms surface grid art editors toolbar components mouse cursor change grid surface


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