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Beautiful tropical animated photo scenes

Living Waterfalls

RI Soft Systems

Living Waterfalls displays realistic animation in beautiful tropical photographic scenes, all with realistic nature sounds and a beautiful musical score in the background.

photographic scenes water ripples flamingoes bubbles realistic nature surface of the water

An easy and funny game with magic ripples

Link and Link Ripple Version


An easy and funny game , just select the two cards to erase which have the link line with less than 2 winds.While erasing, the magic ripples will be generated.Enjoy it.

cards scenery funny game link line music ripples

Digital aquarium screensaver

Digital Aquarium Screensaver


Digital aquarium screensaver is a unique screensaver that will bring the underwater world to your computer screen. You can tickle fish and feed fish.The small fish grow up after eating food.

small fish camera focus foreground colors ripples 3d environment feed fish

Java applet navigation button menus.

255 Magic Animating Buttons

Image Intelligence Software Ltd.

Java applet navigation button menus with mouse-sensitive animation and pulsing effects. Apply them to any graphic of your choice. Transition effects include classic fades, rainbow fades, folding page effects, ripples and waves, sweeps and wipes.

menus audios javascripts ripples grids transition effects

Watch stylized and colorful butterflies fly.

3D Summer Butterflies

Soft 2D

Watch stylized and colorful butterflies fly past an impressionistically rendered forest. Small stream ripples as butterflies dodge tree branches. Music is MP3 format, a sweet summertime tune. Sound can be muted.

butterflies fly registration reminder overlay text mp3 format tree branches screen saver

Water ripples effect designer

Water Ripples plug-in

Redfield Plugins

The highly realistic water ripples effect designer has numerous options as well as an impressive 3D quality. The random settings generator produces unlimited variations of rippled surfaces.

water ripples impressive 3d random settings realistic water adobe photoshop 3d quality

Creats composite 3D surfaces.

Ripples Magic plug-in

Redfield Plugins

Powerful tool for creating composite 3D surfaces. Cosmic curves, melted metal, drapes, flowers, jewelry, unreal streamline pictures, etc. The built-in random settings generator helps to produce unlimited variations by simply clicking on the dice.

magic curves 3d surfaces ripples streamline random settings



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