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Sticky notes reminder software for desktop


Sticky Notes organizer software for Windows. Advanced desktop sticky notes customization. Create reminder notes, associate sticky notes with programs/windows, attach files/urls to notes, send sticky notes over LAN/Internet, search, etc.

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Template-driven XML Schema doc-genenerator



An easy adjustable template-driven W3C XML Schema documentation generator in both multi-framed hypertext HTML and printable RTF formats with the support of XHTML markup embedded in XML schema annotations (including possibility to insert images)

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Desktop stickies software. Windows stickies Sticker (stickies software)

Stickies software for Windows. Create desktop stickies, edit stickies, attach files to stickies, send PC stickies over LAN/Internet. PC stickies software with high security. Easy stickies for Vista. Download stickies software for Windows

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Draw Flowcharts and Organization Charts

FlowBiz Charter

FlowBiz Pty Ltd

FlowBiz Charter is an easy to use flowcharting program. Use it for flowcharts, organizational charts, network diagrams, and more. Record who performers/relates to each item in the chart. Export to gif, jpeg, wmf, emf, png, bmp and rtf formats.

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Winclip is power clipboard extender.

Parallaxis Winclip

Parallaxis software

Work with MS-Office documents faster and easier. Use WinClip for ICQ and chats! Full Windows XP compatibility!

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Reminder software for computer desktop.

Secure Reminder

Reminder software & Scheduler for Windows desktop. Reminds about important dates and events using various alarms. Sends reminders over LAN/Internet, "stick" reminders to files/urls/windows. Strong information encryption. Built-in password generator.

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Sticky Notes software for computer desktop. Sticker

Sticky Notes program. Desktop Sticky Notes for Windows. Attach files/urls to sticky note; associate sticky note with files; modify sticky notes. Using personalized Sticky Note you can keep personal secure information. Strong information encryption.

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Full text document search tool for your PC.



Professional version of diskMETA hard disk search software. Its advantages: Internet search technology based, fast document retrieval, full text search, multiple doc format support, intranet search, advanced search option, user-friendly interface.

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 Crosswords puzzle composer



It is the best program to professional composes of crossword puzzles. There are more then 45 types of supported puzzles. Simplicity, reliability, usability and universality are the main principles of program EasyCross. Import / exports supported.

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Saves the clipboard content


Albert Sadykov

From time to time you may need to save content of the clipboard. This utility can save it as files on your computer, upload it to Picasa Web Albums or Google Documents, upload to FTP or send by e-mail.

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