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inetSignature is signature capture component

inetSignature (For ASP.NET)

Goodwill Technology Company

inetSignature is an ASP.NET Web Custom Control that create signature capture box.It is also a rubber stamp (eg. Corporate Seal Stamps, Office Printy, Daters etc...) generator.Your client can sign or upload their signature and put rubber stamps on it.

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Annotate image, merge annotations with image.

VintaSoftAnnotation.NET Plug-in

VintaSoft Ltd.

VintaSoftAnnotation.NET is a developer tool that allows to annotate images: create, process, delete, save to XML or TIFF file, merge the annotations with image. Supported annotation types: rectangle, ellipse, image, text, rubber stamp.

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WW2 strategy game

Tank Repairman 1942

The Daily Grind Network

Tank Repairman 1942 is a game of strategy and skill that places you at the heart of the action in the tank-repair workshop. Your actions in this authentic simulation shape the outcome of the war.

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A comprehensive TCP/IP LPD Print Server

Brooks RPM 9X LPD Print Server

Brooks Internet Software, Inc.

SCS to ASCII translation & EBCDIC to ASCII translation, Remove PCL codes & convert LF to CRLF, ASA carriage control & code page support, the ability to insert and append bytes, Character translations and extensive form printing controls.

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DBSP accelerates development of Web solutions

Data Base Scripting Pages

DBSP (Data Base Scripting Pages) is a new technology specifically designed to accelerate the development cycle of complex database oriented Web solutions. The goal is: focus in solving the customer needs instead of wasting time in technical details.

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