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Display starfields, nebula, comets...

MBSS Starfields

Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers

MBSS Starfields offers the ability to define starfields, nebulas, northern lights, comets, plasma clouds, neon spark ribbons and more.

old windows particle animation starfields northern lights comets nebulas windows screensavers

Animated Celebrate Christmas Wallpaper

Animated Celebrate Christmas Wallpaper

Scenic Reflections Screensavers

Christmas, the festival of joy, lights and celebrations. Get the feel of the festival right on your screen with this amazing wallpaper. Packed with mini videos of candles and Santa Claus this wallpaper will make you Chritmas enjoyable and fun.

celebrations joy wallpaper chritmas santa claus enjoyable

Browse/Edit Cache SWF Files Make ScreenSavers

InstantFX SE Flash Browser Transformer


Browse/Edit Cache SWF Files from File, InstantFX Flash Clipart and IE Cache. Output to web pages (including direct to FrontPage), direct to MS PowerPoint or easily convert SWF to Windows EXE or Screensaver with self contained installer.

images ms powerpoint clipart swf files screen saver swf to exe

Enter the matrix with your computer.

Real 3D Matrix

Isotope244 Graphics

Create and enter your own matrix! This screensaver emulates the falling green code as seen in the hit movies "The Matrix", "The Matrix Reloaded", and "The Matrix Revolutions". What sets this screensaver apart from all the other matrix screensavers.

glyphs matrix reloaded enable disable glyph mirror reflection custom music

Feel the magic of Christmas!

Christmas Time 3D Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Downloads

This terrific 3D screensaver will help you feel the magic of the Holiday Season. You will find yourself in a quiet winter forest with a few cottages scattered around. Everything is covered with snow and the nature is waiting for a miracle to happen.

quiet winter unique holiday miracle 3d screensaver christmas tree feel the magic

A beautiful scene of a unicorn by the lake.

Unicorn Reflections

LadyDove's Elite Screensavers

A beautiful scene of a unicorn by the lake. The water moves on your screen. Soft serene music plays in the background. You can turn the music off. This makes you feel as if you are really there. A nice way to decorate your desktop. Nice music too!!

friends and family unicorn serene music water moves

Beautiful views of the American landscape.

This Land


Beautiful views of the American landscape show to an accompaniment of an acoustically based digital soundtrack, and all images are captioned.

redwood forest desktop background louisiana bayou natural image background wallpaper display properties

Enjoy the view of a beautiful mountain lake!

Mountain Lake 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Bathe in the warm sun rays as you travel around this beautiful mountain lake. Enjoy the view of the lush greenery on the banks contrasting with the quiet chill of the crystal water. The reflections on its surface have a truly mesmerizing effect.

lush greenery bathe sun rays beautiful mountain lake mesmerizing flock

Explore the mysteries of space and time!

Space Tunnels 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Do you want to see a black hole from the inside? Explore the mystery of space together with this animated screensaver traveling at the speed of light through 3D tunnels. Dynamic music and a truly colorful setting will make your trip unforgettable.

speed of light dynamic music black hole in space extraterrestrial aliens mystery of space traveling at the speed of light

Enjoy big cats and kittens on your desktop!

Free Fluffy Cat Screensaver

3D ScreenSaver Download

You have always wanted to have a pussy cat but you don't have time to care for it? Download this free screensaver now and lots of charming big cats and sweet kittens will make your desktop their home.

sweet kittens time to care free screensaver big cats pussy cat


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