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Cutting-Edge Automatic Photo Catalog!

Online Photo Pro


Online Photo Pro is a state-of-the-art online photo catalog that allows you to create a professional online catalog in no time. It can be used as a Photo Gallery, Product Catalog, CD Collection, Image Database or anything you can imagine.

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Extract information from websites

Internet Data Extractor


Download a website and parse the html code and put the result into a table. This table can be saved as CSV file (can be opened in Excel for example). You can create a pascal script which can download websites, parses the table entries.

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Smart INSERT scripts for moving table data!


Speciality Applications Pty Ltd

Smart INSERT scripts for moving data between tables in different databases! Transfers all data types, including IMAGE, BINARY and VARBINARY, from tables or views. Appends, replaces or updates data. Uses IntelliSense® in WHERE statements.

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Creates Windows compatible installers.


Agentix Software

Creates Windows compatible setup programs from script file. Approaches the gold standarts in this industry and has the gentleman's set of features. The size of the extractor module is only 37k overhead over compressed data size. Free.

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Create single-exe setups. Small size overhead

Agentix Installer

Agentix Software

Create Windows compatible software installers. Compress your application into single exe-file setups. Approaches the gold standarts and has advanced set of features. Multilanguage and .NET support. Has very small size of an extractor module (48Kb).

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It makes amazing CD splashes.

CD Splash

Cubic Software Design

By putting this program on your CDs an amazing splash will appear every time you run the CD. You can choose to automatically display an image, to play a sound file (wav, mp3, midi...), to start a program or multimedia file.

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Web based File Manager developed with ASP.NET

Web Based File Manager in ASP.NET


FileVista is a web based file management solution developed with ASP.NET technology. Basically, it will turn your standard browser into "Windows Explorer" like user interface and allow managing files on your web server on the fly.

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DISGCL, DISLIN Graphics Command Language

DISGCL PostScript Manual

MPI fuer Sonnensystemforschung

The program DISGCL is an interpreter based on the data plotting library DISLIN. All DISLIN statements can be written to a script file and then be executed with DISGCL, or can be entered in an interactive mode.

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Planner - Event Planner & Travel Planner

Employee Planner

Planning Solution Limited, LLC

A planner software which plans staff & employee event, travel, trip, vacation, schedule, work, project, meeting, daily work with Intuitive Chart, Networking Access, Task related Planning, Password Protection, Drag-And-Drop & Export to word/excel...

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Install applications remotely, run processes

EMCO Remote Administration

Emco Software Ltd.

EMCO Remote Administration is a deployment tool to install, remove, or configure applications on remote computers within a LAN. With built-in Macro Scripter to make script files where you have over 60 functions to choose from by drag and drop.

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