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Command Line Text Find and Replace Utility

FR - Command Line Text Find and Replace Utility

Procon Systems

A Windows Console program designed to simplify find and replace text changes in sets of Microsoft Visual Studio Project files or files organised in directory trees.

directory trees project files web designers search case parse binary files

GREPs search/edit text;NLX;STRINGS;HEAD

PENTA Text Tools

Intelligence Services

PDGREPPE : Pattern Definition GREP; FGREPPE : Fast Fixed GREP; NLX makes UNIX and Apple Mac new-lines into PC format new-lines. STRINGS extracts text portions from files such as WP documents. HEAD shows file parts. MANY options.

data logging ms dos menus match double byte line reference

Store notes and to-do list for easy reference

NoteBook 2000

Gregory Braun

NoteBook is a small program useful for keeping short notes and lists. The main window displays a table of contents built from the first line of each notebook page. Double-click on an entry in this table to display and edit the specific note.

table of contents window displays telephone numbers taskbar tray web browser priority search

Quick, convenient and powerful CSS editor.

Rapid CSS Editor 2004

Blumentals Software

Quickly and easily create and edit cascading style sheets of any complexity. Write your style sheet and HTML code manually or let the program do it for you. In each case it is easy because of various helpful features like Inspector and Auto complete.

code inspector html editing auto complete css editor explorer ftp syntax highlighting

Two GREPs that edit text on any PC with MSDOS

GREPPES Text Tools

Intelligence Services

PDGREPPE : Pattern Definition GREP; FGREPPE : Fast Fixed GREP; Both edit Pattern matches in files; PDGREPPE uses Extended Regular Expressions that are like wildcards (?*) and reuses patterns. FGREPPE uses FIXED/literal patterns. MANY options.

line reference file names backslash automatic modes recursive descent misc

Search and replace comments in Excel.

Excel Find and Replace Comments Software


Search and replace comments in Excel. Replacing text within comment fields is a feature that is not available within Excel.

search and replace

This is the freeware version of the Cygnus.

Cygnus Hex Editor FREE EDITION


This is the freeware version of the Cygnus Hex Editor. This is the fastest and easiest hex editor available anywhere! Features include MDI interface, multi-level undo & redo, extensive drag & drop support, blazing fast search and replace, much more.

mdi interface freeware version 2gb search and replace undo redo drag drop support

Search and replace tool


The Joy of Consulting

If you need a free text search and replace tool, here it is. No cost, no malware, no spyware, no odd-ware of any kind and it is totally free. Please use it and report back any thoughts, bugs or whatever on it!!

spyware free text search search and replace bugs totally free malware

Search & Replace in Outlook data.


Outlook Normalizer enables you to Search and Replace in your MS Outlook contact data. It will help you to rename or format names, addresses, phone numbers, etc for multiple contacts at once.

confirmation ms outlook logging support email addresses outlook pst file search and replace

free and powerful registry editor

Registrar Lite

Resplendence Software Projects Sp

Registrar Lite for WinXP/2000/NT/ME/9x is a freeware powerful registry editor. It offers an explorer style interface which supports the clipboard and allows you to drag & drop registry keys and values. It offers fast background search and replace.

registry key registry value bookmark editor value data explorer style interface registry editor


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