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More than just your typical diary.

Aesthetic Memory Journal

Black Obelisk Software

Aesthetic Memory Journal, software to record the daily events of your life both in words and pictures. Year in Pictures, Event Countdown, entry gallery, scrapbooks, spell checking, phases of the moon, encryption -- more than just your typical diary.

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download flash,save flash from web pages

Flash Favorite

Want to download flash movies from web pages? FlashFavorite will save your time!

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Darn! remembers all your Passwords

Darn! Passwords!

Thornsoft Development, Inc.

Darn! Passwords! keeps track of all those pesky passwords you need for the Internet, on line services, financial sites, and other secure programs. You remember one password. Darn! Passwords! remembers all the rest.

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Control and logging the users activity

HSLAB Logger

Handy Software Lab

The complete solution for the background control and logging the users activity. This software allows to record actions of the user (users) of a computer on start the applications, opening documents, access to the Internet and removable media.

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