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Copy templates to clipboard for quick paste.

QuickFill by BB

Bernie-Built Manufacturing

QuickFill by BB fills forms with similar text quickly. It copies your predefined templates onto the clipboard for quick paste into emails, documents and forms. Select a template, click to copy then paste normally. FREE with no Spyware or AdWare.

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Find phantom files added to your system.

FileMap by BB

Bernie-Built Manufacturing

Find phantom files added to your system without your knowledge. FileMap compares before and after lists of Windows, System and C:\root directories exposing any files added or removed. It lets you decide which files should stay.

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Hide secret files into innocent pictures.

1-2- Free Steganography

Security Software Zone

1-2- Free Steganography Invisible Secrets allows you to encrypt and hide files in other files (carriers) which are not suspect of encryption (JPG, PNG, BMP).

bmp png carrier 1 algorithm steganography sensitive data

Encrypt and hide data into images



AsMask can encrypt and hide all format secret files or text messages into an image. You can set a password to protect the encryption files and text messages. You can view the image hidden files and text messages as same as normal image.

pcx powerpoint documents word excel powerpoint text messages audio files hidden files

Hide files and folders, encrypt and protect.


Hide files and folders, encrypt and protect! Masker is a program that encrypts your files so that a password is needed to open them, and then it hides your files within other files known as carrier files.

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Hide and lock your files and folders easily!

Secret Files & Folders Pro

GoSecret Software

With Secret Files & Folders Pro you can hide and/or lock selected files and folders making them either invisible or just not accessible for other people using the computer. Set a password on the application, and only you can run it or uninstall it.

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Program and secrets hiding, file encryption.


Janusware Ltd.

To avoid any suspicion about your secret your file, it is hidden inside another file (your file is encrypted by the most modern and strong cryptographic algorithms) and the encoding program is also hidden inside another absolutely neutral program.

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Discloses and manages web page pics.

PicMan by BB

Bernie-Built Manufacturing

Use PicMan by BB for managing web page pic collections which seem to grow over time. It lets you separate the wanted from the unwanted pics for better disk space management. The FULL SOURCE CODE is also supplied in the zip along with the program .

web page bb visual basic 6 source code visual basic 6 hard disk picman

Clean hard drive, clean hard disk

Auto SysTools

Microluck Software, Inc.

Delete all files which you had browsed to protect your privacy. Manage the Cookies, the Cookie Manager only preserve the Cookie which you allow ,then delet all Cookies which you don''t want to preserve so that protect your privacy!

smaller and smaller oneclick cuz garbage files startup program optimize

Secure file encryption and compression.


Globe Masters Software

Chameleon allows you to hide files, directory files by compressing , encrypting , scrambling them and then attaching them to the host files of your choice. This Chameleon file then looks and behaves like a normal file.

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