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The NEXT GENERATION in computer security

Parador File Protection PE

Serial Scientific International, Inc.

The Parador solution provides a new layer of protection for the "NEXT GENERATION" in computer security against UNKNOWN VIRAL ATTACKS. This layer is activated automatically thereby catching newly created viruses when all other layers have failed.

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Portable drive data encryption and protection

Keynesis Lockngo Professional

Keynesis, Ltd.

Lockngo Professional encrypts and password protects flash drives, portable drives and external disks, using 256-bit AES encryption and wiping mechanism. Lockngo runs directly from the removable drive with no installation on the pc.

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Reminder software for computer desktop.

Secure Reminder

Reminder software & Scheduler for Windows desktop. Reminds about important dates and events using various alarms. Sends reminders over LAN/Internet, "stick" reminders to files/urls/windows. Strong information encryption. Built-in password generator.

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EugeneShredder is a file wipe utility.



EugeneShredder is a file wipe utility. With EugeneShredder you can easily wipe sensitive files from your hard disk. EugeneShredder provides quick and secure file wiping.

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Medical Billing Software

Antamedia Medical Software


Antamedia Medical software helps with medical billing, apointment scheduling, electronic medical records. It''s the complete solution for efficient, reliable and modern managing of medical institution. Antamedia Medical Billing software

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Secure your data with all-in-one encryption.



Are your data safe?SecuKEEPER is an ALL-IN-ONE file encryption software design to secure your files and folders from prying eyes, which designing four protection method(hide/rapidly lock/encrypt/private coffer). Furthermore offer Password Manager.

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Reminder software for computer desktop. Secure Reminder

Reminder software for Windows desktop. Reminds about important date and events using various alarm actions. Keeps secure data in a safe manner. Strong information encryption. Creates post it reminder notes. Built-in random password generator.

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Sticky notes reminder software for desktop


Sticky Notes organizer software for Windows. Advanced desktop sticky notes customization. Create reminder notes, associate sticky notes with programs/windows, attach files/urls to notes, send sticky notes over LAN/Internet, search, etc.

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Recover Lotus Word Pro files passwords

Lotus Word Pro Password

Thegrideon Software

Lotus Word Pro Password allows you to recover passwords which Lotus Word Pro files (.lwp, .mwp) are protected with. Lotus Word Pro Password recover passwords for all Lotus Word Pro security levels (Open, TeamSecurity) and file type.

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Blancco-Data Cleaner+ erases, tests & reports

Blancco - Data Cleaner+

Blancco Oy Ltd.

Blancco - Data Cleaner+ is the All-in-One solution for any data erasure and reuse needs: 100% secure wiping with integrated hardware testing & inventory and automatic reporting, all at once! The software is following international erasure standards.

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