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Ultimate software solution for sending SMS


Silmaril Software

SMS Wizard is the ultimate software solution for sending short messages (SMS) to pagers and cellular phones using standard SNPP protocol (RFC1861: Simple Network Paging Protocol).

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send personalized emails to a whole list

Maillist Express


MailList Express allows users to write personalized letters using message templates. Thus, if you have a client database you can create a single letter template and send personalized messages to a whole list of customers.

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Secure Instant Messaging/Chats/Forums

iGo Incognito

Incognito Systems

iGo Incognito - Secure communications using a public key infrastructure and the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). Supports rich voice/text messages, offline and online messages, private chats, open forums, file transfer and more...

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Network file utility.


SkySof Software Inc.

DirSpy allows you to see all those using network files within a specific directory. Other impressive features of DirSpy include extensive server/client information, volume information, volume disk space monitoring, directory information, etc.

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p2p file sharing clients today.



eMule is one of the biggest and most reliable p2p file sharing clients today. eMule is a Open Source peer to peer file sharing application that works with eDonkey and Kademila Network.

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An instant messaging system for enterprise

Active Messenger


Active Messenger an instant messaging system for enterprise. It can send messages and exchange documents among co-workers securely. Both LAN and Internet supported. includes both Server and Client.

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send messages from your mobile  device

Simple Internet Fax for PPC


SIF allows you to send messages to faxes, e-mail addresses, and phones(regular or mobile) from your mobile device via Internet and also save your money on sending faxes outside your local area.

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wodVPN component activeX


WeOnlyDo! Inc.

wodVPN is VPN peer-to-peer ActiveX component that is used to establish Virtual Private Network between two peers. All P2P communication is encrypted and secured. Peers are able to forward local and remote ports, send messages, etc.

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Net Send from Windows with ease

Net Send Lite

RJL Software, Inc.

Net Send Lite is a small utility that uses the existing Microsoft Messaging Service to send network messages. With Net Send Lite you can send messages to a specific username, computer name, ip address or the entire domain/workgroup on your network.

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Cross-platform chat & file transfer.


Glass Bead Software

SnapTalk is the cross-platform private chat and file transfer utility for your office. It uses peer-to-peer technology and runs independently from public chat systems for completely private messaging. Seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers!

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