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Monitor & Send your IP via mail automatically

IP Mailer

IP Mailer

If your ISP gives your PC or router a temorary/dynamic IP address that keeps changing from time to time, this application will monitor and notice it, and automatically send emails to any amount of recipients.

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Quickly change network settings.


Otaku Software

NetSet saves you valuable time by automating your network setting configuration.

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Send emails using any address as the sender.



Discreetmail can be run from a floppy or CD to use on any computer or installed on your own computer. It starts up very quickly and allows the user to send emails using any email address you like as the sender. Emails can also be encrypted.

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Extract e-mail addresses from newsgroups

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer

AtomPark Software

Atomic Newsgroup Explorer is developed to extract both e-mail addresses and user names from the usenet newsgroups. It connects to any NNTP servers and gathers data from any public or private group in multi-threaded mode.

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Switch network settings, network switcher

Net Profile Switch

JitBit Software

Switch network settings on your laptop (network configuration switcher). For mobile users who use one laptop (notebook) on different networks. For example, switch from a static to a DHCP assigned IP address. Switch proxy, smtp, printer and more.

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Easy Address Book Web Server

Easy Address Book Web Server

EFS Software, Inc.

Easy Address Book Web Server is a Web Address Book software that allows users to view, search, add, edit, or administer address books easily through a Web Browser on any computer.

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Notes to PST tool to convert NSF to Outlook

Notes to PST

Notes to PST

Advance Lotus Notes email conversion utility which migrate emails of Lotus Notes .nsf file to MS Outlook .pst file. Software moves Notes emails, contacts, attachments folder etc to .pst and also convert Domino Server mailboxes to Exchange easily.

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Send email from command prompt, HTML, CC, BCC

febooti Command line email

febooti software

Utility to send email from command prompt; send attached files, plain text or HTML (with embedded pictures). Supported - TO, CC (Carbon Copy), BCC (Blind Carbon Copy), alternate text for email programs that do not support HTML messages, text encoding

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Recovers passwords for Outlook and PST files.

MS Outlook Password Recovery

Drek Software

MS Outlook Password Recovery recovers lost or forgotten passwords to the Microsoft Outlook e-mail accounts and password-protected Personal Storage files (*.pst).

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