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Single user EPOS system with stock control.

The Shop System

John Messingham

The Shop System has been designed to be used by retail businesses where till facilities and stock tracking are required, but a complex, expensive epos package is not viable. It allows you to log stock coming in and record sales.

stock tracking epos retail businesses

Timeless Time & Expense Single-User

Timeless Time & Expense Single-User

MAG Softwrx

An easy to use detailed project based Time and Expense tracker. Includes detail, summary and invoice reports, To Do list, task timer and many user customizations.

wizard guides comma delimited time frames data archiving explorer style interface time expense

Program for manipulating BibTeX database file


VNP Comp

BibTexMng is a program for manipulating BibTeX database files. It combines searching, reference management, bibliography making, and information sharing into a single user-friendly environment. It was written to be used with Latex, using Bibtex

warrant relevant data single user free evaluation period reference management database files

TN5250 terminal emulator for AS/400 access

Hosaka TN5250


Hosaka TN5250 is a flexible, efficient and inexpensive terminal emulator application for connecting Windows PC users to IBM iSeries - AS/400.

single user windows pc pc users hosaka tn5250 free upgrades

Multi-media 3D World Virtual Tour TSP Solver

Paradigm World Facts and Tours

Paradigm International Limited

Multi-media world geography tutor, 3D Virtual Reality Role Playing Game and One-way Traveling Salesman Problem solver and simulator. Read and/or listen to geopolitical description of 210 countries. Single-User and Educational Licenses available.

traveller paradigm entire world multi media world geography national features

SpamAI multi-user spam blocker auto-updates.

SpamAI Multi-User Spam Blocker

DAIR Computer Systems

SpamAI multi-user spam blocker auto-updates. Stay one step ahead of spam effortlessly. All e-mail is kept for a month in the SpamAI archive by default so that no e-mail is ever lost, even if deleted within email program.

flexibility one step ahead windows 98 central computer dialup line global rules

.NET code generator with accounting support


Global Market Media, Inc.

InstantEnterprise.NET, using an advanced code generator and application framework, radically simplifies the process of creating web-based business software. Free Developer Edition offers complete functionality for a single user.

finished applications application framework enterprise class creating web menu choices business logic

Visually organize files, Emails, bookmarks?



Too much time wasted hunting for files, emails, bookmarks.. you stored somewhere? With sqlDESKTOP, it's easy because you don't have to remember the exact name of the document or where you put it. Just visually locate it in a familiar office paradigm.

ordinary office removable media storage location single user word excel business environment

384 Gb Organizer+Editor Intuitive+powerful

TreePad X Enterprise 384 Gb single-user


Next-generation 384 Gigabyte Organizer, opens 8 databases simultaneously. Includes: Word Processor, spellcheck tables search/replace, skinning, drag-drop import/export, hyperlinks, auto-save, images, attachments recycler favorites history etc.

spell checker recycler database images format painter tree nodes album database

Synchronize installed fonts across a network

Virtual Font Folder

Lose Your Mind Development

Virtual Font Folder synchronizes your installed fonts with the contents of another folder or network share. This makes it easy to make sure that a font is installed or uninstalled on multiple PCs on a network.

license discounts font resources scenarios vff fonts windows xp


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