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conaito VoIP Communications

VoIP SIP SDK - A powerful and highly versatile VoIP SDK. Our SIP SDK provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to add quickly SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications.

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If you collect Stamps, or have a bunch of the

Stamp Collector Professional

Robert W. Benjamin

If you collect Stamps, or have a bunch of them put away in the closet, this is the program for you to get that collection organized and keep it that way, and discover some valuable ones.

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Rapid reply using templates and databases

Rapid Email Support


Rapid replies using templates and databases. Compose, reply or forward emails under Outlook(r). Inbuilt database and Knowledge base using the latest OLEDB connection.

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HS POP3 Library

HS POP3 Library

Hillstone Software

HS POP3 is a software library in C (supplied with full source code) which implements the client side of Post Office Protocol Version 3 (POP3) over TCP socket layer according to RFC 1939.

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