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Message server application


RIA Software Company

Retrieve information''s from a database, depending on user inputs, using any type of messages. Great for big companies, or small markets to provide prices, orders details, product details and much more!

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Gets notifications about new mail by sms


PowerDev team

Encaps2sms checks your mailboxes, when you're leaving computer, and sends notifications about new messages onto your mobile by sms. You may setup leave timeout, mailbox access settings, sms sending,spam filtering (white&black-list)

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SMS sending from the computer.


MAW Consulting

SMS-it allows you to send SMS (Text, pictures, ringtones) to a mobile phone from your computer. It sends through a modem, the internet or an attached mobile phone

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Bulk SMS tool send mass text messages from PC

SMS Messaging Software

USB Drive Data Recovery

PC to mobile messaging utility sends limitless messages to different people instantly from personal computer via any windows supported mobile phone. SMS messaging software forwards alerts for product advertisement, seasonal greetings, invitation etc.

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Java library that sends and receives SMS



SMProLib is a Java library that provides a Java interface for working with the Short Message Service (SMS). SMProLib enables the sending and receiving of messages using a mobile phone connected to the computer via a data cable.

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Use a projector to display fun SMS messages

SMS Wall

SMS Wall

The SMS Wall is a software, that can be used in clubs, restaurants for entertainment purposes or at conferences for information presentation. The software displays SMS messages on a projected screen in a nice, animated way. Adding custom HTML code.

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PC-Phone SMS Server send & receive messages

SMS Server

SMS Wall

GSM PC-to-phone SMS Server software to send and receive SMS messages. This two-way text messaging solution helps the developers, who want to add SMS functionality to the application (SQL-SMS gateway, SMS-File gatway) Included PHP, ASP support.

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SMS gateway software for GSM Modem, SMPP, UCP

SMS Gateway - Enterprise

SMS Gateway Enterprise Software

SMS gateway for high capacity SMSC connections over SMPP, UCP, CIMD2 or GSM Modems. Ideal platform for SMS notification, two way SMS systems, or for becoming an SMS service provider. It supports SMS API for SQL, .NET, PHP, ASP and for OEM vendors.

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Allows to work with your cellular via PC.

Mobile Navigator

Muxe Inc.

Mobile Navigator works with your cell phone via PC. You are be able to change/add phonebook records, organizer entries, send SMS to one or multiple users, manage your call lists, get extended info on your mobile, upload logotypes, melodies, more...

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