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Quality PDF conversion with minimal expense

pdf4u Printer


pdf4u is designed for anyone who needs to convert documents to PDF format without expensive conversion software. It creates an intermediate file and sends it to the online PDF production center for conversion. Your PDF file is back in minutes.

document conversion web based pdf conversion conversion center windows program desktop software

Automatically launches Java Applications


Magi Systems Pty Ltd

JLaunch is a lightweight executable used to launch Java applications directly, without the need for batch files with DOS boxes popping up and distracting the user. JLaunch will give your Java application a professional, clean finish.

java applications windows registry java runtime free software upgrades launch dos boxes

Powerful, reliable antivirus software.

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows

FRISK Software International

F-PROT Antivirus for Windows, renowned for its reliability, ease of use, fast scanning and exceptionally low resource consumption, is one of the leading antivirus software applications on the market today.

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Digitize data from charts or graphs in Excel

Grab It! XP

DataTrend Software Inc.

Digitize graphs and charts quickly with our Excel based spreadsheet software. Log, linear, date and time scales, distance measurement and angle determination capability also. Free upgrades forever!

digitize measurements microsoft excel real time point values templates

Two player chess board game via email.

Email Chess

Magi Systems Pty Ltd

Email Chess allows two players to play chess via standard email. Play chess with as many friends as you wish, simultaneously. Simple and easy to use drag and drop interface.

free software upgrades email account drop interface play chess simultaneously

A personalized mini-newspaper front page.

The Birthday Chronicle

Ken Kirkpatrick Software

The Birthday Chronicle produces a personalized mini-newspaper front page, including graphics, that will be treasured for years.The printout includes a greeting, by name, from the then-President of the United States, plus newspaper headlines & more.

customer loyalty ken kirkpatrick software mementos birthdays software upgrades royalty

Easy-to-use, powerful file backup software

Arctor File Repository

byteplant GmbH

Arctor is an easy-to-use and powerful file based backup solution, offering fast, reliable backup and version management. It can quickly and easily restore your files in the event of accidental loss or hardware failures.

accidental loss backup solution data backup software networked installations backup path automatic backups

Embedded Web Server with dynamic C/C++ pages

KLone Embedded Web Server

KoanLogic srl

KLone is a fully-featured, multiplatform embedded web server which allows dynamic pages to be written in C/C++. The pages can then be embedded into a single executable containing also KLone''s high-performance web server.

vxworks application development framework open source gpl natively c compiler database xml

The Astrological Meaning of Your Birthday

Amazing Astrology

Ken Kirkpatrick Software

Ken Kirkpatrick Software, the largest publisher of personalization software, has released Amazing Astrology, a Windows program that produces a suitable-for-framing , personalized insight into anyone's birthday.

personalization software birthdates format conventions english spelling ken kirkpatrick software parchment paper

StepUp; Windows based PC Migration Tool.


CellarStone Inc

StepUp is a PC migration tool that transfers your Settings, Applications Setting and Data from your one pc to another. The migration software upgrades your Pc environment easily.

pc migration migration tool source pc floppy disk stepup system settings


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