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Multi-platform centralised storage management

SPACEWatch pro

Sharpeware Ltd

Sharpeware has released SPACEWatch 5, a major product update that provides a comprehensive toolset to search and analyse network space use quickly and easily on local and remote systems; pinpointing unexpected and unwanted files and directories.

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Free high-quality image restoration plugin

MSU Image Restoration Photoshop plugin

Graphics&Media Lab Video Group

Free high-quality image restoration plugin. This filter is intended to repairing image (removing scratches, spots and etc), removing undesirable "objects".

image restoration space data parameters removing scratches mask high quality image

File-level management of your disk space

SPACEWatch Enterprise Edition

Sharpeware Ltd

SPACEWatch Pro is the quickest and easiest way to free up disk space by finding unwanted files and removing duplicates across your network. See tree sizes or observe space on Windows, Netware, UNIX, linux and Lotus Notes.

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Monitor all changes made to your system.

Disk and Registry Alert


Capture before and after snapshots of both your hard drive and registry, showing all files and programs that were added or removed, allowing you to monitor all changes made whenever you install or uninstall software.

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Nutrition software for glycemic dieters.

NutriGenie Glycemic Index Diet


Award-winning nutrition software with glycemic indices for most common foods, automatic menu generator and unique USDA Food Pyramid analysis. Indispensable to anyone who wants to follow the GI diet.

graphic analysis food consumption control obesity food database food guide pyramid government health organizations

Generate insults in a variety of styles.


Jumping Armadillo Software

Generates insults in a variety of styles. Have them pop up at regular intervals, or copy them to the clipboard (as text) so that you can paste them into emails, documents, or wherever else a good insult might be needed

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