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Ping Ball is a fun new arcade puzzler.

Ping Ball


Ping Ball is a fun new arcade puzzle game. The idea is simple; bounce the ping balls around the screen by dropping mirrors in their path, and use them to collect all the energy crystals on each level. Includes 3 bonus mini-games!

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String edit library with Unicode support

Strings edit

Dmitry A. Kazakov

A library of routines designed to support consequent input and output of various numeric types: among them integer, floating-point, Roman, UTF-8 encoded sub-/superscript integers. Output can be aligned. Number bases from binary to hexadecimal.

checks parsing relative precision superscript ucs latin 1

100% Freeware Networking Command Line Tools

FREE Command Line Tools


100% Freeware Networking Command Line Tools (URL response, TCP/IP Port response, REXEC, SSH, SQL Query, UnixInfo). All commands can run in unattended mode with password or key files supplied by parameters.

sql query unattended mode parameters command line tools key files networking

Create WBMP images


WAP Shareware, Inc.

This Java bean is aimed to create WBMP and OTA images automatically without using any WBMP editor. The resulting *.wbmp images comply with the WAP 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 specifications for WBMP Level 0 written in the appropriate documents.

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