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Ultimate IDE for all MS SQL developers


Speciality Applications Pty Ltd

MS SQL developers? ultimate IDE! Complete object history connects to Major Source Control Software! Predictive ?intellisense? typing for object and variable names! Test execute code and then undo! Multiple editing windows!

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SQLServer to Oracle storedprocedure migration

SwisSQL - SQL Server to Oracle Migration Tool


SwisSQL- SQL Server to Oracle Edition is an Automated Migration tool to convert Microsoft SQL Server Transact SQL stored procedures to Oracle PL/SQL equivalent code. It automates more than 80% of the code conversion with very minimal manual effort

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Decrypt mssql procedure,trigger,Function,View

AzSQL Decryptor

AzSQL Technology

AzSQL Decryptor is a powerful SQL object decryptor. It allows you unravel a single encrypted sql object or an entire database full of stored procedures, triggers, views and user defined functions with simplicity and blinding speed.

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SQLSourceSafe - SQL version control Tool


Best SoftTool, Inc.

The integrated version control solution for SQL Server database. It integrates with both SQL Server and Visual SourceSafe, offers great functionality to manage the source code of SQL scripts.

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Source Safe integration for SQL Server

SQL Source Control

Skilled Software

Full source control and documentation versioning for SQL Server 2000 with Source Safe 6.0 support. Comprehensive database documentation, HTML reports, easy SQL Server database items management, Intellisense-style automatic code completion.

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SQL template editor, SQL code collection

Advanced SQL Code Collection

MediaTwins s.r.o.

Powerful editor that enables you to write your SQL scripts efficiently. It includes SQL syntax highlighting, large base of SQL code templates, power search engine and convenient bookmarks.

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pgEdit is a high performance PosgreSQL editor


pgEdit is a high performance SQL editor and development environment for PostgreSQL. pgEdit features include SQL syntax coloring, direct source code execution, PHP support, integrated documentation, and extensive customizable editing facilities.

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