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View and delete email directly from server

Cobra Check Mail

Cobra Apps

Handy utility to allow you to view and delete email directly from your mail server(s) before downloading. Easily monitor for unread mail on any of your POP3 mail servers.

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Enable Windows XP styles for ANY application!

XP Style Hacker

Skyjuice Software

Get your old Win32 apps looking like their Windows XP counterparts! XP Style Hacker is a small unique tool that allows you to enable programs that do not recognise Windows XP visual styles to be "style aware".

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Setup your online store withing minuntes.



Get more customers with your own online store! With this software you can setup your online store withing a few minutes. You only have to enter a name and description for your products and make a few choices for the design and about the payment.

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Keep your Internet connection alive.

Paraben''s Connection Manager

Paraben Corporation

Keep your Internet connection alive. Paraben''s Connection Manager continually connects to servers to keep you from being kicked off of your connection. Locates and automatically answers Pop Up messages that ask if you want to stay online & more.

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