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Parts Inventory and Maintenance Software

Parts Tracker

Andrew Kennedy

Parts Tracker is a computer-based parts inventory management and maintenence system designed specifically for use by mechanics in the maintenance division of Tenpin Bowling Centers.

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An MS Access Customer Database Template

MS Access Customer Template

MS Access Template

You have to develop a Microsoft Access Database that runs customers, suppliers, products, inventories, invoices, orders ... ? Here?s the tool for you ! A Microsoft Access Customer Database Template designed to save you time and help you learn.

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Maintains the relations between shared files


ComponentSoftware Inc.

The TFSLinks product maintains the relations between shared files and automatically updates all instances whenever a new revision is checked-in to any copy of the shared file. Shared files may be imported from VSS projects, or defined manually.

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wheeling systems software for lotto



For the player of LOTO , LOTTO , 6/49 (and all games 6/nn (nn<=49)) this program has wheeling systems. The program can print directly on ticketsfrom many countries and has a module that shows rapidly the number of good number in each grid.

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Comodo Antispam Desktop 2005

Comodo Antispam Desktop 2005

Comodo Inc

Comodo AntiSpam Desktop 2005 is an intuitive, easy-to-use, client-based software product that eliminates spam forever from the computer's email system. No license fees - No charges - No more Junk Mail!! Just register and install.

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