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A virtual system for local or portable use.

Prayaya V3

Prayaya Electronics.,Ltd

Prayaya V3 helps you protect pc data and make any apps portable. You could install all software on Prayaya V3 and use as on your own system. You could even install Prayaya V3 with daily use software on any usb storage device and use anywhere.

host computer software files use software support microsoft windows usb flash drive host system

Challenging logic game with original gameplay

Four Shields (Pocket PC)

Cactus Factory

Challenging and exciting logic game that requires strategic thinking. The game is easy to play but is very enthralling - gather your shield "squads" at minimal number of moves! Pure logic and strategy - try to think out as many moves as you can!

competitions replay minimal number high quality graphics strategic thinking same game

Unlimited alarms, timers, stopwatches in hand

Chronos for PocketPC

EldoS Corporation

Chronos fills the gap in PocketPC operating system by offering unlimited number of alarms and timers with customizable sound (MP3 supported) and time settings. Two countdowns with laptimes will let you track time spent on certain tasks.

track time chronos hardware availability countdown timers mp3 alarm storage card

Powerful journal/diary for Pocket PCs.

Acquasys RetroActive


Acquasys RetroActive is a powerful journal/diary application for Pocket PC devices that synchronizes data with Outlook Journal and provides many other features, like full Blogger synchronization.

blogger timer journal files pocket outlook custom categories compressed files

Text editor for Smartphone sends SMS or email

Orneta Notepad for Smartphone 2002


Text editor for Windows Mobile based Smartphone''s that can view or send text as multiple SMS messages or as e-mail attachments. Support for search, cut, copy, paste, delete, undo, use font of any size, recent file list, file associations, and more.

orneta storage card functionality cursor position mail smartphone

Fill the gap in ActiveSync. Sync any folders!

Easy Sync

Pocket Wizards

Fill the gap in ActiveSync with a tool that allows to synchronize, copy, move and backup any number of any files and folders located anywhere on your Pocket PC, Smartphone, Storage Cards and your computer. Absolutely automatically!

mobile device smartphone backups desktop application customization options gap

TUTU Animated Screen: animated PPC UI & menu

TUTU Animated Screen

TUTU Digital Technology Co., Ltd.

TUTU Animated Screen introduces animated home screen and brand new phone menu for Windows Mobile 5 and 6-powered PPCs. With the animations and the rearrangement of menu, it greatly improves standard PPC UIs. Two themes are included in the package.

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