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Auto-complete words/phrases, expand shorthand

Shabda-Brahma ET-Feel Word-Storm Processor (SB)

Eastern Star Software

Instantly auto-completes used/common words/phrases and auto-expands many 3-key-shorthands, even auto-forms symbols while typing.

html output guess south asian auto suggestion word phrase v5

PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool

PlexDomain: Domain-Name Search, Generation, Popularity and Analysis Toolkit

PlexObject Solutions, Inc.

PlexDomain: Domain Analysis Tool. It searches deleted or expired domains with high ranking and popular links. Also, it generates domain names from keywords.

competition link real time teoma whois records msn yahoo keyword suggestions

Resize 1 image or 1,000,000 images

Free Picture Resizer Personal

The Professional Developer

This free, easy to use program allows you to resize large pictures in either batch mode or single mode without losing photo quality. These features allow you to incorporate the use of many photos on a webpage as well as sending photos through email.

png bmp gif suggestion resize images batch mode email

Natural Healing Educational Software


Zentrum Publishing

Natural Healing contains a large collection of diseases and natural remedies to search from. The program also includes Tonics, Phytochemicals, Parasites, Poisons/Antidotes, Rejuvenation, Immune-system, Homeopathy, and Color therapy with Auto-suggesti

medicine cabinet natural healing databank textfiles homeopathy tonics

Find your Golden Keywords fast and accurately

Golden Keywords

Scorpio Software

Careful keyword research is an essential step in web site optimization. Golden Keywords will help you find best keywords for your web site fast and accurately. Get YOUR 100 Golden Keywords absolutely for free (available within first 10 days only).

web site optimization keyword research absolutely keyword generator

Find the best keywords for your business

Advanced Keywords Keys Explorer

Advanced Keywords

Software to assist in finding the best search engine terms to describe your business online: the most popular and the last competitive keywords, using the most specific keys, using all similar terms, analysing the resulting text keywords density.

key words density descriptive terms descriptive keywords trial and error microsoft windows explorer

Support Center - Helpdesk Software


Quality Unit, s.r.o.

SupportCenter is powerful and easy-to-use Helpdesk and Customer Support software developped for companies that handle big load of email support tickets per day. Very easy to learn and to use, intuitive, and powerful.

suggestion intuitive web interface queues mail accounts knowledge base software developped

Wellness Software: Alternative Medicine


Zentrum Publishing

Wellness is an extensive data-bank featuring Herbs and herbal remedies, homeopathy, nutrition (including vitamins, minerals, amino-acids, neurotransmitters, enzymes), color-therapy, autosuggestion, other alternative medicines and natural remedies.

free upgrades homeopathy wellness software natural remedies herbs herbal remedies

Small Business Focus - Big Business Features

Retail Plus

True North C.S.

An automated point of sale system can help you a great deal by saving time on routine tasks, increasing accuracy and controling what happens at the sales counter.

inventory data email sales commissions icverify routine tasks size matrix

Multi function command line tool.

Swiss File Knife

Vincent Stahl

Command line tool for daily tasks. Find text in files, dir tree size, filter and replace text, instant http/ftp server, find duplicate files, join files, md5 lists, run a command on all files, detab, hexdump. no installation, ideal for usb stick.

index creation binary files code split file transfer pc notebooks cr lf


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