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GPS Clock for PC time sync to NMEA GPS device

GPS Clock

ntp time server

TimeTools GPS Clock Software is a freeware utility that runs on any Windows NT/2000/XP/2003 workstation or server. The software polls time from a standard NMEA GPS time receiver connected to the host PC''s serial port to sync PC time.

gps clock pc time workstation host pc time gps gps status

NTP Digital clock software time synchroniser

Digital Wall Clock

Digital Wall Clock Solutions

TimeTools digital wall clock ntp time synchroniser software is a freeware application that runs on any Windows platform. It allows a windows sntp time client to synchronise time to a selected Atomic Clock synchronised NTP time server.

synchronise time atomic clock windows platform digital wall clock ntp time server freeware application

Directory compare and synchronize

AJC Directory Synchronizer

AJC Software

This is a very powerful, yet easy to use directory compare and synchronize program. Perfect for synchronizing large numbers of files between PC's. Ideal for programmers, documenters etc and a very easy laptop sync or backup solution.

directory compare programmers color coding laptop proceeding overlays

Loudspeaker test software to analyze defects

Strobe Sync Loudspeaker Test Software

Timo Esser

This software is a loudspeaker test software to help analyse defects and investigate functionality with the help of a synchronised LED stroboscope. The only external hardware needed is a two channel amplifier and an LED flashlight.

external hardware computer sound card channel amplifier hardware devices stroboscope loudspeaker

Design interactive streaming presentations

ShowStream Online

Tiffin-Lavers and Associates Limited

Design interactive presentations featuring synchronised streaming media. As the audio or video file plays, the text and images keep in step. Select any part of the presentation and everything else synchronises. Standards-based and non-proprietary.

streaming audio programming skills financial communication audio file pay as you go colour schemes

Jaikoz Audio Tag Editor

Jaikoz Tagger for Windows


The Jaikoz Audio Tag Editor combines power and simplicity allowing you to organize,edit and correct thousands of songs with ease. It has powerful automation features such as matching tracks acoustically using MusicIP.

musicbrainz m4a mp3 autoformat music conversion artwork

Advenced road design software



HighRoad is an interactive graphical application for the geometric design of roads and highways. Its intelligent object design and highly intuitive interface allows for fast and flexible design

computer expert progress claims earthworks highroad formulae software package



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