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Stay informed of all upcoming dates, birthday

Birthday Organizer


Stay informed of all upcoming dates, birthdays, events and holidays with PS Birthday Organizer. When you use this program, you will never forget anyone?s most important day, miss a meeting, or overlook a hot date. Although it is developed mainly for

birthdays appointment stay informed holidays auto start important date

RSS Magnet is a news aggregator

RSS Magnet Reader

E-Tools Software

RSS Magnet is a news aggregator. A desktop application that downloads the latest news and displays it in a webpage. A native .Net application, meaning it runs on Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP

dublin core windows 98 opml web browser desktop application news item

Create and manage icons in the system tray.

System Tray Icon Manager

Adams Technology Ltd.

Create, update and remove icons from the system tray. Interpret mouse actions performed on the icon. Respond to mouse actions with popup menus and other effects. Object model provides access to existing icons created. ActiveX-compliant with help.

programming language mouse actions ships programmatically attributes retrieve icon


easy Look at Ports

"easy Look at Ports" is a multithread full connect TCP ports scanner. Scan range of ports on remote host and save result to file. Main window can flip to system tray and control by context menu, called by click mouse on the application icon.

system tray application icon tcp ports scan range scanner context menu

peer to peer office instant messaging program

CapeSoft Office Messenger


CapeSoft Office Messenger is a peer to peer office instant Messaging program. It's great for sending all sorts of messages instantly to your office colleagues and it's easy enough for everyone to use.

message contents least effort recipient click of a button messenging unwanted eyes

Copies text from dialogboxes and web pages

Screen OCR

This program expands the powers of your PC's built-in copy command. Screen OCR can copy text from many locations that are inaccessible to the Windows Clipboard, including dialogboxes and protected Web pages.

scanned text mode select system tray icon astonishing accuracy copy graphics web designers

Reads weather forecasts and conditions aloud


WeatherAloud reads weather forecasts and conditions aloud from over 7500 locations worldwide. Wake up to your local forecast, listen to hourly temperatures from your favorite vacation spot, or hear conditions where your distant loved ones are.

natural voices vacation spot hourly temperatures local forecast frequent updates stay on top

Record screen activities to AVI in real time

Easy Video Capture


Easy Video Capture is a tool for recording your screen into AVI video. It supports recording video, audio, cursor. You can use it to record DVD, RM, VCD, or other video media into AVI file. You can use it to make slide-show training documents.

video media resume avi file video record pause frames support

The Codecs Included Movie Player from ALTools


ESTsoft Corp.

The ALShow Codecs Included Movie Player plays any video for you without searching for codecs. Online Codecs Center downloads video codecs and audio codecs automatically when needed. Free movie player download and free codecs to play videos.

xvid language films stuttering ftp utility zip files alzip

The ultimate application launcher


SmartKite Software

Have you ever wondered how to group your favorite programs and run them all - with just one click? RunClik is an application launcher that lets you quickly open more than one program by simply choosing a program group from the system tray. Easy!

attributes launch program groups program execution program group system tray


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