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send messages from your mobile  device

Simple Internet Fax for PPC


SIF allows you to send messages to faxes, e-mail addresses, and phones(regular or mobile) from your mobile device via Internet and also save your money on sending faxes outside your local area.

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PHP - Java Chat system for web site

Morevil Web Chat

Morevil Software

PHP - Java Chat system for web site. Client is Java applet can run in any Java enabled browsers. The server side is PHP script can be installed on any PHP enabled web host. Interface text can be customized in any language. Multi rooms.

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Records everything from MSN/Windows messenger

MessengerLog Gold


automatically records everything from your MSN messenger or Windows messenger, including the richtext message, the emotion icons and the status of your contacts. "MessengerLog" will encrypt the messages with your password and store them safely.

rich text messages color themes emotion icons encrypt graphic user interface silent mode

Send your sms to mobile phones worldwide.


SimpleForce Development, Inc

Powerful tool,which allows you to send SMS via the Internet directly to cellphones of most cellular providers worldwide. It has an exclusive and easy-to-manage interface adapted to SMS standards and offers you more extended features for SMS delivery

adapted e mail address mail short message service confidentiality recipients

Software to receive SMS text messages

SMS Enabler

Alexander Smirnov

SMS Enabler is an SMS receiving and auto responding software. It can route received messages to one or more email addresses and/or to a script running on a webserver. SMS Enabler can save received text mesages to a text file or multiple files.

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A Stand Alone Reminder Program.

Agile Reminders Pro


A Stand Alone Reminder Program That Gets The Job Done ... Professionally. Runs in your system tray until it''s time for a popup reminder or until you wish to exercise some of it''s many facilities.

exercise reminder program job arrives search facility professionally

office communication & tracking tool

The Business OpsCenter

Audama Software, Inc.

The Business OpsCenter is an integrated office communication & tracking tool and includes the following features: In/Out board, text messaging, electronic phone messages, vacation calendar & manager, and bulletin board system.

office efficiency email tech bulletin board system free email dramatically tech support

Text Messaging Directly from MS Outlook

FAB SMS Addin for Microsoft Outlook

FAB IT Solutions Ltd

Providing Text Messaging (SMS) capabilities for Microsoft Outlook. Utilise existing contacts, distribution lists, public folders and Windows address books. Simultaneously broadcast SMS messages to multiple recipients. Send vCard and vCalendar.

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Personalized Email from your database

Mach5 Mailer Free

Mach5 Enterprises

Send personalized email messages to customers from any database, including Access and Excel, with conditional content, HTML formatting, or attachments. As easy as writing a letter! Includes a built in mail delivery server

proxy support odbc support gold conditional content unsolicited email html formatting



conaito VoIP Communications

VoIP SIP SDK - A powerful and highly versatile VoIP SDK. Our SIP SDK provides a powerful and highly versatile solution to add quickly SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) based dial and receive phone calls features in your software applications.

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