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Monograph on neuropathy by acupuncture

Acupuncture for Neurological Disorders


The first systematic monograph on neurological disorders treated by acupuncture. The book presents Professor Kuang Peigen''s personal clinical experience accumulated for over 30 years in acupuncture treatment of neurological disorders.

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Turns plain screenshots into 3D masterpieces!

Just Screenshots

Lincoln Beach Software

Turn ordinary screenshots into 3D masterpieces and let your product screenshot stand out above the rest! Allows you to visually bring out the best in your screenshots by adjusting the perspective, masking, rotation, size and much more.

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Copy from a web page and paste only the plain


Easy Software Ltd

Copy from a web page and paste only the plain text.

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wav to mp3 converter free download

WAV to MP3 Converter


Convert sound file from wav to mp3 format. Using our WAV to MP3 Converter, With a simple point and click, In no time you'll be listening to your wav's in the small mp3 format.

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