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Fingerprint Employee Time Clock

Biometric Employee Time Clock

Veritask, LLC.

Fingerprint authentication, network support, more detailed reports, QuickBooks® integration, door access control, plus quick and easy setup; make Biometric Employee Time Clock 2.0 the most powerful time and attendance solution to stop time theft.

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iLeave manages timecards, PTO, and vacation

iLeave and Attendance Software

Apex Business Software

Flexible time and attendance solution based on SQL Server. Integrates with punch clock terminals and payroll providers. Supports multiple sites. Offers Web self-service, project tracking, leave-approval workflow, and e-mailed reminders.

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Clean up your drive from trash.

Lyrics Search

Search your favourite music lyrics. Search for: song, album, singer. Read song text with a mouse double click.

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The exclusive Winguard Popup Remover.

Winguard Popup Remover

Winguard Solutions LLC

Winguard Popup Remover uses the only patent pending technology available on the market to block virtually all popups. It blocks all web-based and spyware-generated popups, and is compatible with all major web browsers including Firefox.

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Component is peer-to-peer connection.


WeOnlyDo! Inc.

ActiveX component is a peer-to-peer connection convenient to label each peer to behave in context of Listener(Server) or Initiator(Client). Component comes with several profiles included as: SINK/ECHO for testing, ROT13, ZIP Tuning etc...

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