Free Tiredness Downloads

It is a PC events tracker.

Active Work Tracker


It is a PC events tracker that surveys the time you spend working on your PC. Results are shown as an activity chart and a statistics report. Also the program can remind you to do regular breaks for preventing computer-related tiredness.

keyboard events systray computer related tiredness keyboard activity start menu

A fine 3D Checkers for all level of games.

3D Checkers Unlimited

TLK Games

For players at all levels challenging the computer. International or British checker board and rules. Various 3D camera settings and view in 2D. Stroke suggested and ability of playback. You can challenge the computer, a local or a networked opponent

ergonomics checkers opponent angles elo strokes

Watch cool dollars with 3D underwater effects

100 Happy Dollars 3D

Gelios Software

Still cannot afford to have high dollars? Well at least now you can fill your computer up instead with them. Pretty fun to watch as your computer makes cool dollars with very soothing underwater effects. Well worth the money!

currency nicely money computer 3d screen saver bubbles

A spell check software for everything Windows

As-U-Type Speller

Fanix Software

An OS-level real-time spell check software that checks and automatically corrects typographical and spelling errors for everything you type in all Windows programs. It learns your mistakes, adapts to your typing habit and becomes smarter with use.

spell check software efficient use os level spelling errors dictionaries hunt and peck

Healthcare assistent for you and your family

Biorhythms Guide Software

Biorhythms Guide is a dialog-based application, which calculates the dates when your vital power will decrease. It allows you to prevent or at least minimize undesirable consequences.

intellectual dialog undesirable consequences biorhythm tiredness biorhythms

Prevent eye strain by taking a break


EyeStrainCare Lab.

Alarm type software to prevent computer eye strain, tiredness and headaches can block the computer and remind you to take regular rests. Alerts you to take a mini break from the screen.

windows startup type software durability system tray software auto headaches

Download Cool Animated Money for Windows

100 Happy Money Screensaver

Gelios Software

Money Screensaver brings the irresistible realism of cool money to your Windows desktop instantly. Beautiful graphics and sound effects let you watch currency dance across the screen of your office computer, laptop or wide-screen TV.

computer laptop realism windows desktop banknotes paper money beautiful graphics

Track time you spend on the computer

Work Log & Activity Timer

Robert Inventor

Activity Timer is a computer activity, project or task timer. You can use it track the times when you use the mouse or keyboard. You can show reminders to look away from the screen for a few seconds to reduce eye strain. Also reminders to stop work.

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