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Collect and analyze PC usage statistics.


Pavel Amialiushka

Count Your Time collects and analyzes PC usage statistics during the specified time period. All statistics is shown to a user in a convenient and understandable form.

usage history entertainment programs tool that lets main goal data collection different colors

PDF management software

PDF Wizard


PDFWiz is a handy pdf management tool that lets you create, merge, insert watermarks, insert and append pages, delete pages, extract pages to a seperate file. Wizard interface. Improved password handling. Recognizes more url types.

saver software url types management tool wizard interface

File search, undelete, and wipe utility

Directory Snoop

Briggs Softworks

File search, recovery, and wipe utility for Windows 95 - XP. Recover deleted files and data from individual clusters. Display raw directory structures and purge erased file names. Snoop through files and clusters with advanced search functions.

hard drives search tool level search recover deleted files directory snoop cracks

Create cool 3D animated web graphics


Reallusion Inc.

Powerful editing tool that lets you create professional looking 3D objects, add animation, and use a wide range of 3D effects. Powerful Wizard does the work for you, so whether you're a novice or a pro you'll be producing stunning graphics in minutes

ffd running short web design presentations hula hula morph animation dynamic 3d

mp3 improve, normalization, trimming tool



Analyze, improve, or standardize your MP3 files different in quality, volume, bitrate, and so on.

mp3s mp3 imperfect wizard checks mp3 doctor normalization

Security tool to lock/hide your files, folder

Max Folder secure

Max Secure Software

Folder Secure is a security tool that lets you lock/hide your files, folders with your personal password. Locking your files, folders is the best way to guarantee that nobody, whether accidentally or intentionally, gets access to your financial, heal

prying eyes dangerous viruses security tool folders accidentally personal password

Manage and display your Windows wallpaper.

Just Wallpaper

Lincoln Beach Software

Just Wallpaper is a fantastic tool that lets you manage and display all of your Windows wallpaper. Utilize themes, apply masks, overlay notes, clock as well as a calendar. Even create a slide puzzle from your wallpaper images!

randomly date time image mask wallpaper images image masks windows wallpaper

Graphical music publishing software.


Sion Software

Graphical music publishing software for Windows. Copyist is the music notation tool that lets you create with ease those tricky musical examples that more expensive and complicated programs trip over their feet trying to reproduce.

mouse clicks music notation adobe illustrator predominantly musical objects adobe pagemaker

Bypass SOCKS, proxy servers and firewalls.



ProxyTunnel is a tool that lets you bypass SOCKS, proxy servers and firewalls; use FTP servers and file download managers.

socks proxy yahoo mail mail servers ftp servers firewall proxy servers

A powerful SPAM Reporting tool.


A powerful semi automatic SPAM Reporting tool that lets you help the ISPs shut Spam down at the source by identifying the spammer and testing for unsecured SMTP and Proxy servers. Just paste the email header.

inbox spammers spammer spam filters contact uce


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