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Product Development plugin for ThoughtOffice


ThoughtOffice Corp.

eXpertProductDev: plug-in for ThoughtOffice Brainstorming Software. Like IdeaFisher QBanks, contains 100s of expert-level questions by top innovators. Guides your process, triggers associations from your existing ideas, & builds new associations.

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 Windows soccer game.

New Star Soccer 2

New Star Games

New Star Soccer 2 is a football game with a difference. Start out as a 16 year-old footballer and work your way to the top flight by being sharp on the pitch and shrewd off it.

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Hide any folder on your PC.

Stealth Folder Hider

Jay Cheah

Stealth Folder comes with a Folder Hider, Clear Tracks utility and File Eradicator.With Stealth Folder, folders and files can't be deleted, viewed, modified, or run.Stealth Folder Hider can be run in Normal Mode or in Stealth Mode.In stealth mode.

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Use your computer to increase your penis size

Penis Size-O-Matic

Infinite Madness

This program uses a complex set of algorithms and some hella nifty DLLs to dynamically increase and decrease the size of the user's penis using only their computer. Oh! But it doesn't really.

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The Joy of Consulting

It is real handy for people who do not have a DVD burner but have a DVD they want a copy of... they would split the DVD into even pieces of like 700MB using this program and then burn them each to CDs. My program supports disk sizes of 1.44Mb-9400Mb.

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