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Capture your screen easily!

Capture Express

Insight Software Solutions

Capture screens, windows and rectangular areas. Also capture items in a variety of shapes, including diamonds, triangles, stars, and more. Optionally place borders around the shapes and choose a masking color for the exterior of the shape.

circles triangles capture express shapes correct alignment mouse button

Performs miscellaneous math procedures

Math Miscellanea

Orlando Mansur

Finds the prime factors of positive integers, solves triangles and circles problems, manipulates complex numbers, does base conversions. Results can be saved or printed. Includes a help file with instructions, example and methodology.

help file circles base conversions triangles complex numbers integers

Tetris with blocks consist of triangles.

Crazy Tetris

Astatix Software

Crazy Tetris is unusual clone of the immortal Tetris game. In this game blocks consist not only from squares, but of triangles also. The object of the game is to maximize your score in placing the falling blocks or triangles into lines.

tetris game immortal bombs high scores absolutely squares

Dovada student calculator

Dovada student calculator

Dovada Pty Ltd

The Dovada student calculator is ideal for use in the school, home, office or engineering and scientific research centers, anywhere mathematical or physics information is continually used or required, great for homework help. Trial the full version.

research team physics data science astronomy circles physics projects insight

Logical compound game with 8 triangles

Crazy Oktagram

Stoeckl Josef

8 total identical grey triangles are in opposite to 222 black shapes. Do you succeed to bring this under one hat.

different shapes triangles long time

A wizard that identifies some webcam issues

Webcam Diagnostics


Webcam Diagnostics is a simple assistant which gathers many system and webcam-related information in a single place. It makes it easy to identify some driver installation problems or USB issues.

usb issues webcam click fix circles yellow triangles single place

Create and print custom business cards.

Visual Business Cards

RKS Software

Use Visual Business Cards to design and print professional business cards. Use the Super Text, Rich Text, Label Text, and Circle Text tools to create great looking business cards. Insert clip art and pictures. Many unique design tools.

rectangles clip art professional business cards business card stock business card design texture files

Use Visual Labels to print any label.

Visual Labels

RKS Software

Visual Labels lets you design and print your own diskette labels, VCR labels, jar and bottle labels, folder labels, return address labels, and labels for just about anything you can think of.

jif pcx bottle labels circles design labels diskette labels

Tangram is an old Chinese game of shapes.

1st Tangram Pro

1st Studio

This program challenges you to solve a huge collection of Tangram puzzles. You are presented with a shape and have to put the different pieces into it, by moving and rotating them.

adults tangram puzzles collections shapes parallelogram shape

interactive web-based math lessons and tests

MathAid Trigonometry

MathAid, LLC

Java- and web-based math course includes theoretical concepts, hands-on examples featuring animated graphics and live formulas, problem-solving lessons, and customizable real time tests with solutions and evaluations.

vectors demo version animated graphics time tests trigonometric graphs real time


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