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Batch WPD Converter to MS Word, PDF

WordPerfect Converter Professional

Bidgood Svcs

Single folder wpd converter. WordPerfect conversion to MS Word and PDF. Integrates with WordPerfect or MS Word for true MS Word and PDF compatibility, robust and rugged conversion engine. Converts WordPerfect wpd files wpd Mac and WP Unix

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WordPerfect Convert Single Document CSD

WordPerfect Converter Single Document

Bidgood Svcs

WordPerfect conversion of single wpd documents to MS Word. Great for converting wpd documents one at a time. WordPerfect Microsoft Word converter for WordPerfect conversion to Word with true compatibility and conversion of WPD documents to MS Word.

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Batch WordPerfect Conversion to MS Word, PDF

WordPerfect Converter Enterprise

Bidgood Svcs

For large Corprorate Enterprise companies and organizations to convert 1000''s of WordPerfect wpd documents to MS Word doc or PDF. Also converts WordPerfect 4x and above, wpd Mac and Unix files

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Create a second name for an existing file.


GdP Software

Unix users know and love it, now Windows users have the ability to give a single file multiple names. Make C:\HELLO.TXT and C:\TEMP\THERE.TXT point to the same data. Changes to one affect both. NT2000 or higher.

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Advanced Image Resizer and Thumbnail Creator!

Media Resizer thumbnail creator

Create thumbnails and scaled copies of all your images with this powerful and flexible, yet easy to use utility. Creating image thumbnails has never been easier!

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Passwords are always secure and at hand

Pocket AnyPassword

RomanLab Software

Pocket AnyPassword is a guard for passwords, which stores them in a tree form and gives you an advanced search option for quick access. The tool features the RC2/MD5 encryption, synchronization with a desktop PC and a multi-user support.

parameters anypassword algorithms rc2 tiny utility synchronization


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