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Free file encryption/compression in USB disk.

Remora USB File Guard

Essential Skill Consultants Limited

Remora USB File Guard is designed to do file encryption and compression in your USB storage devices. With Remora USB File Guard, you can secure all your files and store them in USB disk anytime and anywhere. And it is totally free.

copy files file encryption mobile disk storage capacity remora fishes

A charming new hero is born!


Alawar Entertainment

Guide a charming hero through gorgeous worlds crammed with visual detail and execute dazzling double-jumps with ease! Turtix is a new arcade adventure that heralds the rebirth of the classic side-scrolling platform game. Download and play it today!

satisfaction new arcade platform game rebirth muster peace and harmony

Dive into the world of exotic fish and corals

Marine Life 3D Screensaver

Astro Gemini Software

Dive into the depths of the sea to discover the magic of the underwater world. Enjoy the natural beauty and diversity of marine life with fancy clownfish, vigorous seahorses and other exotic creatures gracefully swimming around gently swaying plants.

sea turtles diving adventure stunning scenery natural beauty diversity heart of the sea

See the creatures of the sea.

Ocean Life


See the creatures of the sea. Sharks, turtles, dolphins and more. Use this versatile screen-saver enginewhich rotates 30 photos of ocean life and an optional soundtrack of MIDI-based tunes. Features include your choice of up to 23 transition effect

sea sharks tunes randomly turtles windows screen saver ocean life

Encrypt/compress/auto backup in USB disk.

Remora USB File Guard Pro

Essential Skill Consultants Limited

Remora USB File Guard Pro is designed to encrypt/compress/auto backup in your USB storage devices. With Remora USB File Guard Pro, you can secure all your files and store them in USB disk anytime and anywhere. And it is portable.

copy files mobile disk remora anytime and anywhere fishes encryption technique

Animated photographic undersea screensaver

Living Coral

RI Soft Systems

Living Coral beautifully displays an animated undersea ecosystem, with beautiful tropical fish, turtles, starfish, urchins, manta rays and even a few divers in the background.

tropical fish coral cursors undersea sanctuary combine beautifully

Beautiful ocean-like aquarium screensaver



Amaze everyone who walks by your computer with this beautiful ocean-like aquarium screensaver. Realistic and colorful 3D tropical fish swim across your screen along with dolphins, sharks and sea turtles. Real-time configuration

time configuration realistic movement artifacts sharks plants real time

Meet a new arcade story Turtle Odyssey

Turtle Odyssey

Realore Studios

Turtle Odyssey is a new arcade of Good versus Evil that will take you on a fantastic underwater journey with the ultimate goal of finding stolen talismans. The game offers lively gameplay, rich deep-sea visuals, amusing characters and more!

acrobatic skills devilfish difficulty levels gameplay health bottles ozzy

Beautiful garden scenery and flowers blooming

Living Gardens

RI Soft Systems

Beautiful photographic garden scenes where the flowers appear to bloom right before your eyes! Lush greenery, creature animations, and rippling water effects make for an enjoyable, relaxing screensaver.

lively animations outdoor gardens chipmunks independently turtles joy of gardening

A quick launch menu for files in USB disk.

Remora USB Quick Launch

Essential Skill Consultants Limited

As more and more files, documents and folders in your USB disk, still access them through file mananger? If you felt inconvient, please use Remora USB Quick Launch to create shortcuts To Go and control them effortless.

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