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ComCap: Magenta Serial Port Capture Utility


Magenta Systems Ltd

ComCap is designed to capture any ASCII data received on a PC serial communications port to a text file. Data from up to 30 serial COM ports can be captured simultaneously, in separate files. ComCap may aso be run as an NT service.

ascii data printing characters suitable hardware time stamp text files safeguard

Send SMS through your mobile or other device.



VbSMS is designed to Send SMS messages through GSM phones connected to your PC/server by Infrared, Bluetooth or data cable. Samples provided for Visual Basic, Visual C# .NET.

visual c activex controls visual basic microsoft bluetooth microsoft visual basic borland delphi

Transfer files to one, two or three targets.

XTempo Mover

XTempo Software

Copy or move photos and files to one, two or three targets, with or without subfolders. Set destination files to read-only, append a counter to avoid overwrite, and rename destination files by date and time.

redundancy folders button copy chosen function targets digital photography

It allows you to securily encrypt any file.

AB File Encryptor

AB Software

A small utility that allows you to encrypt securily any file with sensitive data. Once the file is encrypted, he cannot be decrypted with any other tool. You can encrypt one or more files or a directory with all the files contained.

encrypted mouse click sensitive data encrypt


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