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1200 chord dctionary, quick and easy.


NSA Software

An invaluable reference tool for guitar players of any level. ChordSMART shows chords in any key in several tunings, and even shows you optional open strings.

open strings dadgad fretboard learn chords variations 1 2 step

Polyphonic WAV, MP3 and CD to MIDI converter.


TallStick Software

TS-AudioToMIDI converts polyphonic music (WAV,MP1,MP2,MP3,MPA,MPP,AIF,SND,AU and audio CD tracks) into MIDI sequences. In realtime mode it allows on-fly conversion of music received from microphone or line input of your computer into a MIDI sequence.

real time musical notation mp3 internet line input detection algorithms midi sequence

Supreme4 Components - Flash Text Effects

Supreme4 Components, Flash Text Effects

Patrick Jansen

Supreme4 Components. More then 200 customizable Flash Text Effects components / plugins for Macromedia Flash MX software. Animate your fonts, letters or text directly in Flash.

predefined jansen loading text customizable flash text effects mx flash

Powerful chart component for .NET

Nevron Chart for .NET

Nevron LLC

Add presentation quality 2D and 3D charts to your applications and web pages. Nevron Chart for .NET is a premiere quality native .NET component that can display sophisticated business, presentation and scientific charts.

dynamic charts custom axis art editors zoom server labels moving averages

7 variations of video poker!

Advanced Video Poker


Advanced Video Poker is the cutting edge gambling machine simulator that features 3 standard versions of this ever popular video game plus 4 additional modes new to poker gambling, introducing a whole new dimension to video games.

modes bottom line new dimension joyful world pleasure video games

DDS-Lite is for ERD modeling and SQL scripts

Database Design Studio - Lite (DDS-Lite)

Chilli Source

DDS-Lite - is a powerful tool to create Enhanced Entity Relationship Diagram, Data Structure Diagram, Data Definition Language (DDL) Scripts, Supports All Major Databases, Cross DBMS Target Compatibility, Project Manager, Tools and Java Source Code.

db2 sql sql script enhanced entity relationship diagram database servers relational databases entity relationship diagram

Dice game with triple variations.

Moraff CyberDice

Moraff Games

This is a robust dice game. This game features ragtime music in the background during play, beautiful background photography, full-screen graphics, and a user-friendly interface. You can play head-to-head or the computer.

background photography screen graphics 3d game beautiful backgrounds marble pedestals background music

Fun&Bullets is an addictive ironical arcade


URSE Games

Fun&Bullets, a stunning arcade with a nip of logic, takes you to the Wild West where you, as a cowboy, will have to clean out the range controlled by the Indians with a tennis-like ball, admiring the parody of the cliches specific to the casual genre

chickens gap launch gorgeous graphics cattle pens game play

Create web art, animate, retouch photos, etc.

ImageForge PRO

CursorArts Company

Digital photo, paint and image editing tools, effects, and functions. Contains everything you need to create quality artwork: painting, photo retouching, art for web sites, animated gif's, slide shows, picture albums, screensavers, and more...

multiple images internet layer photoshop style windows screen saver drawing tablets html tables

Ten enjoyable games with an optional  Bee

Snakes, Trains and Bees


Ten enjoyable games with an optional educational Spelling Bee to make it a great learning aid. Includes four Snakes and Ladders and two car variations plus train, horse, sleigh and miner games. Up to four people can play. Sound effects. Help file.

horse sleigh spelling dictionary sound effects trains snakes and ladders bees


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