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Create graphs & video clips from expressions


Wilhelm Kurz

GraphiCal is a programmable graphics calculator which lets you visualize expressions and formulas as graphs in a chart. Creates animated video clips from a sequence of graphs. Built-in functions (>50) include integration, root finding ..

variables programming interfaces vc mathematical functions vb roots

SMTP and POP3 SDK for VBScript,VB,VC and .NET

ActiveEmail SMTP/POP3 Toolkit

ActiveXperts Software

SMTP and POP3 tool for VBScript, ASP, VB, VC++, VB.NET, VC#.NET, Delphi, PHP. Multiple recipients (To,CC,BCC), attachments (ASCII,binary), HTML formatting, Unicode, multiple char sets, authentication, encodings (7,8 bit,quoted-printable,base64)

smtp outgoing mails activemail mail functionality delphi visual c

wodDHCPServer activeX component


WeOnlyDo! Inc.

wodDHCPServer is a DHCP server component (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol), available as COM object and ActiveX control. It provides a framework for passing configuration information to hosts on TCP/IP network.

mac address address pool server component ip addresses dynamic host configuration host configuration protocol

Creates diskettes for copy protected software

Alkonost ContraCopy

Alkonost Software

Alkonost ContraCopy is a software system, that can create diskettes for a copy protected software distribution. No other hardware or software can make a correct copy of ContraCopy diskettes, which can be used under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2k/XP.

windows 95 diskettes floppy drive disk creation creation system nt

4200+ Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms

Venture Capital Firms

Venture Capital Firms

VCgate Venture Capital Database is a comprehensive worldwide directory of 4200+ Venture Capital & Private Equity Firms. Search and contact potential investors using One-Click Emailing. Easily Export to Excel to analyze data or perform mail merge.

venture capital firms directory quarterly updates web browser technology system requirements pc free trial e mail

Application Installer Setup Tool

Setup Builder

GPP Software

Setup Builder is a powerful, reliable, easy to use and affordable solution for creating professional looking application installation procedures.

web distribution cost effective solution multi lingual setup builder tool features setup tool

component that provides strong encryption


WeOnlyDo! Inc.

wodCrypt is a lightweight component that provides strong encryption for your applications. It provides supports for most common crypto algorithms, such as:AES, DES, TripleDES, Blowfish, Cast, RC2, RC, RC5, etc...

encrypted data blob data manipulation crypto algorithms binary data string variables

INI-file manipulation tool

DoneEx INI-File Manager ActiveX


This ActiveX allows you manipulate with INI-file by the easiest way from any programming language. The INI-File Manager ActiveX can be used from VB, VBA, VB.NET, VC++, VC.NET, VBScript,JScript,Delphi, ASP, ASP.NET and any other programming languages

programming languages activex technology jscript decrypt vba programming language

Profiler for VC++, CBuilder, Delphi and VB.


Lightweight Technologies

LTProf is a small but powerful CPU profiling tool. Main features: * Line level resolution * No instrumentation * Profiled program runs at its normal speed * Profile VC++, CBuilder, Delphi and Visual Basic code * Small price (USD 49.95)

time wasted source file processor time cross language sampling resolution time spent

Raster to Vector Converter SDK.

Raster to Vector Converter SDK

wang zhi xiang

Raster to Vector converter SDK, which can high-speed convert raster bitmap into vector supports such all kinds of image format as BMP,JPG,TGA,TIF,PCX etc.

conversion functions raster to vector vector image pcx dxf tiff


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