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Dynamic Bottom Lines

TurboCASH is the world's most popular FREE fully featured, multi-company, multi-user accounting system. Includes: General Ledger, Cashbook, Customers, Suppliers, Inventory, Report Writer, Point of Sale, Payroll and eCommerce.

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Online time tracking for project accounting

MindSalt Timesheet and Expense

MindSalt Corporation

MindSalt Time and Expense makes tracking time and expenses easy for employees and essential for managers. Electronic approvals, flexible cost and billing details, time accruals, projects and tasks, profit analysis reports, and more.

vital information combinations project budgets anywhere in the world web based application interface

Java VM enhanced with ahead-of-time compiler

Excelsior JET for Windows

Excelsior, LLC

Excelsior JET is a Java Virtual Machine enhanced with Ahead-Of-Time (AOT) compilation. The AOT compiler transforms your classes and jars into high-performance Windows executables. Version for Linux on the Intel x86 platform is also available.

runtime components java 2 platform intel x86 transforms excelsior jet memory management

Create, store and apply your own formats

AutoFormat for Excel PivotTables

Afalina Co., Ltd.

This add-in enables you to create, store and apply your own formats for Microsoft Excel pivot tables. The add-in stores formatting of each pivot table and all format options such as numbers, borders, patterns, alignment, and fonts.

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