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Utility for 2-factor authentication on web


Wayontec Inc.

IdentiToken is a soft-token solution that allows web designers to implement 2-factor authentications on web sites. Users must use the IdentiToken Windows client software to generate time-based tokens.

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Java server& flash client Real-time chat!

123 Flash Chat Official Windows Client

TopCMM Software Corp.

With this exe client, even those members who unfortunately don''t have flash player on their machines can enjoy 123 flash chat now! By downloading this exe client ,user can also save the time of loading everytime.

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Visual Remote Unix/Linux IDE under Windows

Magic C++

MagicUnix Information Technology Limited

Magic C++ is a fully integrated development environment(IDE) designed to meet the requirements of programmers developing on remote Linux/Unix servers using Windows client. It supports for editing, compiling and debugging.

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TERAVoice is a telephony server platform

TERAVoice Server


TERAVoice is a high-performance telephony platform for Windows that can implement any type of telephony application like voicemail, automated attendants, voice menus, waiting queues for call centers, H.323 to PSTN gateway and custom IVR applications.

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SMS,text messaging,and paging server software


NotePage, Inc.

Messaging server software sends: SMS text messages to: pagers, mobile phones. Messages can be accepted from: networked computers, email, web pages, commandline, text files, serial ports, modems. Messages can be sent via Web or modem.

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HTML Scripting Pages ASP plugin webserver DLL

HTML Scripting Pages

EzTools Software

HTML Scripting Pages is a client side, ASP compatible scripting plug-in DLL for Internet Explorer and the Microsoft Webbrowser ActiveX control.

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preCharge is a free fraud prevention utility.

preCharge Secure Client

preCharge Risk Management Solutions

The preCharge Secure Client provides an in-depth analysis for ecommerce transactions. The software provides access right on your desk top to the most comprehensive scoring system, anti-fraud utility and chargeback prevention software online today.

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Powerful PHP encoding. Protect your code

phpSHIELD PHP Encoder

phpSHIELD protects your PHP Source Code with a powerful, easy to use encoder, which creates a native bytecode version of the script and then encrypts it.

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Database application development


becom Systemhaus GmbH

Database application development with automated Codegeneration, Features: entire presentation and functionality of the application is stored on one database server, contains a complete developer environment, automatic codegeneration, no deployment

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A hierarchical data components

Hierarchical Data Library


A hierarchical data related components library for WPF and .NET 3.5 to contain hierarchical data such as Windows client components, tree controls, grid controls and related classes.

client components data library customizable settings appearance grid controls tree grid


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