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safely stores licenses and registration codes

Serial X

Caracolix Media

Serial X can aid with the task of properly storing all your licenses and registration codes in one common place. Serial X is a simple program for Windows computers. Very easy to use but still well documented.

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Cross platform secure file transfer utility

PlunkIt Mac

Glass Bead Software

PlunkIt! is the premier cross-platform, private and secure file transfer utility for your office. It works peer-to-peer and there is no risk of sending or receiving files from outside your office. Seamlessly connects Mac and Windows computers!

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A Windows shared resource monitor and logger

Shared Monitor


Shared Monitor is an advanced shared resource monitor and logger. The program sits in your system tray and constantly monitors all the MS Network connections. It allows you to monitor active connections to your resources and browse historical data.

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Cross-platform messaging & file transfer.


Glass Bead Software

SnapMail is the cross-platform private messaging and file transfer utility for your office. Using peer-to-peer technology, instantly send messages, files, reminders, and alerts on your network. Increase productivity: no spam - only company business!

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Easy English grammar + writing help

Grammar Slammer - Non-Windows

English Plus+

English grammar help + reference that answers the questions the grammar checker cannot. Get Answers not Questions and real grammar help. Handy + Easy e-book format. Use as tutor, too.

anguish providing answers grammar checkers grammar books comma grammar checker

Security-surveillance software for Windows

Easy Photo Grabber


Video security-surveillance solution for Windows. Grab video images from your (web) cam or capture card and create a photo archive on disk. Keep a watchful eye on your office, house, or shop - truly, any place you want to monitor.

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Hard disk based music system for businesses

BMS Business Music System

NCH Swift Sound

The BMS Business Music System is software that runs on Windows computers as a powerful hard disk based background music player. Features auto-track selection, auto-play announcements, date-time sheduling and volume changes and more.

music selection volume changes microphone connection bms automatic music digital signal processor

Monitor computer use by children or employees

Computer Use Reporter

Leithauser Research

Find out what your employees or children are doing on the computer. Record program title bars convertly, read them later or real time.

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Killer Sudoku: Sudoku for one who can count.

Killer Sudoku or Sum Sudoku

Yoogi Puzzle Syndicate

Play the japanese puzzle game killer sudoku / sum sudku in your windows computers. Includes 30 free killer sudoku puzzles. Killer sudoku puzzles are more challenging than normal sudoku puzzles. Its a blend of kakuro and sudoku.

windows computers freeware game games puzzle game sudku japanese puzzle

Robust network and server monitoring tool

IPHost Network Monitor

IPHost Monitor

IPHost Network Monitor is a robust network and server monitoring tool that allows you monitoring of mail, db and other servers, internet hosts, various network resources and equipment via SNMP (on UNIX/Linux/Mac) and WMI (on Windows), HTTP, FTP, SMTP

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