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Record Expense Report Wizard Expense Items

Expense Recorder for J2ME

Expense Report Wizard

Expense Report Wizard is an online service designed to help the busy professional create, manage, and submit their expense reports using their SmartPhone and the internet. Enter expenses on your SmartPhone using the Expense Recorder software.

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Capture Screen & Make into a PowerPoint Slide

Cappy Screen Capture

Michael Robinson

Capture Screen & Make into a PowerPoint Slide, Save as file (BMP, JPG, GIF), Send by Email, Print, Copy to clipboard, Open in any image editor or Microsoft Paint. Capture a rectangle, ellipse, or entire screen and then rotate, mirror, or date stamp.

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WatchDog is Like a camera in your Computer


Rhombus Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Watch Dog is Like a camera inside your Computer. It will track computer users activities. You can view screenshot of all connected PC's and also use it for Internal Chat & Conferencing. You can also shut all computers at one click.

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Use BraodgunMuseum to store your documents


Broadgun Software

Museum is a tool for organizations small and large to retain their history in one place. Its like having all your documents and emails indexed by google, but done in a secure way that gives access to only those who need it.

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Search and extract links from any file

Extract Link

Spadix Software

A powerful extraction utility to search and extract links (http, ftp, email, news) from any type of file (Html, Word, Excel, executables, and so on). It supports link compare, extraction depth, duplicate link/base removal, domain check list, etc.

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Easily visualize your flowcharts & diagrams.

Antechinus Draw Magic

C Point

Easily visualize all your flowcharts, diagrams, organizational charts and business plans with Draw Magic. Speed up your work with the ready-made solutions and extensible libraries of drawing objects. Enhance your Word/Office/Web documents.

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Print file lists and directory structures.


Mathias Müller

In DOS it was very easy to print the content of a directory. But unfortunately there is no such function in Windows. In Windows you can use DirPrinter to print the content of a directory and the directory structure in a comfortable way.

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Easy PDF batch converter



PDF has never been so accessible! Editors of professional solutions around the PDF technologies, Sowedoo and PDF995 shared their knowledge to make a simple and intuitive solution that allows everyone to generate PDF from any kind of documents

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Unlimited desktop space with tabs & panels

Amazing Desktop

SoftApproach Corp.

Unlimited Desktop Space: Amazing Desktop lets you use tabs and panels to manage applications on your desktop. Each application is attached to a tab so that you can switch applications easily. The panels let you easily compare & copy information.

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Save easy PDF Forms!


Broadgun Software

Nowadays companies are streamlining their workflows by converting paper documents to digital forms. The problem is that most of them are created in PDF format you can't edit. The pdfFormserver ist the answer of this question.

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