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Inventory user PCs and monitor servers

Network Administrator's Toolkit

Alchemy Lab

A set of network management tools designed for the corporate network administration. This toolkit consists of the two components that will monitor your corporate servers availability and performance and inventory user workstations

corporate servers workstations toolkit network management tools

Monitor employee Internet use.

Employee Monitor

Employee Mon

Employee Monitor is a utility to monitor the internet activities of users on a local area network (LAN). Employee Monitor lets you view the contents of Internet History index.dat file, where the visited URLs (web pages) reside.

internet history visited urls foot prints index dat file web pages local area network

Computer lab management software.

Silicon Slate Software

Silicon Slate Software

Silicon Slate Software is computer lab management software and desktop management software for k-12 school computer labs and classrooms.

workstations button templates desktop program silicon desktop management software usb flash drive

100% Reset Windows domain and local passwords

Windows Password Key Enterprise


Windows Password Key Enterprise is the fastest, easiest to use tool to reset lost domain and local administrator and user passwords on any Windows system without reformatting or reinstalling your system.

64 bit windows bootable cd windows password recovery xp sp3 bootable usb drive windows workstations

Advanced backup software for NetWare networks

NovaNET 9 for NetWare

NovaStor Corporation

Comprehensive tape and disk network backup software for NetWare servers and networks. Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/2003/XP support, remote management, disaster recovery, Open File backup and more.

virtual tape microsoft exchange exchange microsoft disk backup software tape drives linux networks

mxORB server-side spam filter


mxORB Software

mxORB is a server-side spam filter that consistently blocks over 98% of unsolicited commercial email (also known as spam) at a fraction of the cost of other filtering solutions.

server side eliminate spam client workstations time internet internet databases filter spam

Share Office Documents over the Internet


ComponentSoftware Inc.

NetDocs supports a secured read and write access to office documents over the Internet. This allows co-workers to work with shared documents from anywhere by using any Internet browser. NetDocs also includes revision comparison and history tracking.

office documents co workers shared documents internet browser protocols ssl communications

Digital counter for Windows


e-Counter is a digital counter who displays count-downs specified by the user. When time finishes, the program can execute usefully tasks, like PC shutdown or hang-up an Internet connection.

languages internet connection exe installer hibernate correct password match

Allows execute commands on remote computers

AbByte RemoteRun

AbByte technologies

AbByte RemoteRun is a remote command execution tool. Install the software and service packs on your company''s computers remotely. It''s also possible to copy/delete/update files and folders on computers in your network.

execution tool operating systems system administration tasks scripts remote computers command execution

NFS Client and Server for Microsoft Windows



NFS client and Server for MS Windows. NFS software gives you high performance file sharing connectivity capabilities. nfsAxe enhances your networking performance and access. NfsAxe server/client is good for Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP

windows 95 networking performance workstations folders nt 2000 connectivity capabilities


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