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FileStore is a file/folder backup utility.



FileStore provides a simple means to backup data in an easy, regular manner. This software allows you to schedule backups to any drive of any information on your system. FileStore handles the backup and then afterwards.

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A Remarkably simple and efficient backup tool

SCP Backup

Sault Custom Programming

SCP Backup is a remarkably simple and efficient backup utility. It is so easy to use that you can back up your critical data on the fly with a single mouse-click. The key is easy-to-create back-up profiles and great compression.

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Data recovery program for deleted files


FDRLab Data Recovery Centre

Turbo File Uneraser is a data recovery program that will recover: - Files and Folders emptied from the Recycle Bin. - Files and Folders deleted from network drives - Files and Folders deleted using DOS commands. From any data storage.

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Remove barriers between different OS!

Paragon Mount Everything 3.0 Personal

Paragon Software

Mount all kinds of partitions under various operating systems. Gain access to almost every file system from currently running operating system just like its ?native? file system. Learn more?

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Undelete erased files and folders



The smallest and easiest tool to undelete erased files. No special skills are needed - treat erased files and folders just like normal ones!

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